Invisalign is an excellent alternative for people who want to straighten their teeth and enhance their looks without the weight of conventional braces. Without the use of wires, brackets, or bands, Invisalign is a pair of transparent plastic aligners that can be used to help straighten your teeth. 

There are a few things you should do to take care of your aligners and make sure you get the greatest results if you and your dentist determine that Invisalign is the best choice for you. If you are searching for the best dentist in mesa for your dental treatment, then you can contact us. 

1- Avoid Washing Your Aligners With Mouthwash

The majority of mouthwashes have harsh components and synthetic coloring that might harm or stain your aligners. Because Invisalign trays are composed of transparent plastic, they may absorb the colors from mouthwash and may become warped from other abrasive substances. 

2- Avoid Using Heat To Clean Your Aligners

Although using boiling water to remove bacteria and germs from your aligners might seem sensible, doing so will harm them. Although the plastic trays are designed to last, if heated by boiling water or another source of heat, they may soften and change shape. While very hot water is not advised, you can rinse and clean your aligners with warm water.

3- Avoid Certain Drinks

When wearing your Invisalign, it is advised for you to refrain from ingesting sweet or colorful beverages. If you want to keep your aligners in, only consume water. If not, take them out before consuming anything other than water. Invisalign should be rinsed out as quickly as you can if you accidentally ingest a sugary beverage, coffee, tea, or dark cola while wearing them to prevent discoloration and bacterial growth.

4- Keep Your Braces In Their Case When Not In Use

To keep them safe and to prevent the loss, keep your aligners in their case. This is a simple tip that plenty of people miss. To ensure that you are protected if you forget it, you can purchase several cases to keep around the house, in your car, and in your handbag.

5- Use Antibacterial Soap To Clean Your Aligners

Use a very small amount of antibacterial soap and cool water to carefully wash your clear aligners each day. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles. The bacterial growth that could dull your aligners and give you poor breath will be eliminated.

6- Every Day, Floss And Brush Your Teeth

To remove food particles that can discolor your clear aligners, orthodontists advise brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice daily.

7- Avoid Ignoring Cracks And Sharp Edges

Your Invisalign trays may get cracked or have rough edges after being used for a while, however, this is uncommon. This may have happened as a result of eating accidentally while wearing the aligners or from continually taking them out.

8- Before You Eat, Remove Your Trays

The first thing to remember is to always remove your trays before you eat. If not, the food and drinks you consume may harm and stain your braces. If you are searching for an Invisalign dentist mesa, then give us a quote.